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Welcome to my web page. “My name is Brad Mckay, and I come from a small country town located in Far West NSW called Broken Hill.
I have always been interested in art and I enjoyed drawing, particularly subway art ‘graffiti’. I initially studied the techniques used to create graffiti pieces and eventually began drawing freehand pieces at will.

My interest in art developed and grew as I matured and I met a local Broken Hill artist who introduced me to painting acrylic artworks. This artist taught me a range of techniques to create landscape paintings using acrylic paint which was where my fascination with acrylic painting began.

Through research and trial and error, I developed my artistic techniques, and my creativity began to develop and I started producing my artwork masterpieces.
‘I believe that being an artist is something that is a part of who you are and not something that is taught through reading text books.’
I have entered my paintings in several exhibitions since moving to Brisbane, QLD and have successfully sold several pieces through these exhibitions.
I currently work from a home studio using acrylic on canvas.
Thanks for visiting my website and I hope that you enjoy what you have seen here.


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